1009 N. Westover Rd, Albany, GA 31707

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Albany Express Car Wash offers 6 Self-Service bays, 2 touchless automatic bays, 5 vacuum islands, express detailing services and cleaning supplies. Acquired in June, 2012, the business features new and upgraded equipment, large covered bays and a 24 hour well-lit, site.

Our 6 self-serve bays offer detailed instructions to help our customers clean and protect the finish on their vehicles. High powered vacuums, fragrance machines, rug shampoo, rug beaters and detailing supplies are available to help your vehicle leave clean, shiny and dry.

Our 2 Touchless Automatic bays feature state of the art technology with 10 powerful cycles that allow customers to drive off with a clean, shiny and dry vehicle. Albany Express carefully combines high water pressure and chemistry so that vehicles come out clean and shiny without the risk of vehicle damage caused by brush or friction washes.

Albany Expess Car Wash operates in an environmentally responsible way. We use sophisticated technology to conserve water and channel contaminants to the city's water treatment plant.

Finally, we are committed to helping worthy organizations in our community raise funds to further their mission. We offer the opportunity for your organization to sell discounted car washes at a respected local business and raise money in an environmentally friendly way.


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1009 N. Westover Rd, Albany, GA 31707